Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Give Thanks to the Lord

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. But Thanksgiving comes in a very close second. I love autumn, I love family, I love food, and I love praising God. Thanksgiving is about all of those.

I wake up early in the morning and put the turkey in the oven, then have my time with Daddy God. Then my hubby, kids and I get ready for our day and do final preparations for the family coming over. Soon, our small, humble home is filled to the max with more than 20 family members. Kids running around, men watching football, Mom and Mamaw cooking, and my sisters wrestling around. Yes, my sisters. Anytime we meet together like this, they get into a silly wrestling match. Soon dinner is done and we gather around the large table. We talk about our blessings and Papa blesses our food, praising God for His provision.

I love the day.

Give #thanks to the #Lord. #thanksgiving #thankfulness

Yet I am reminded that we don't need a day to praise God. We can, and should, praise Him every single day.

God is worthy to be praised. He is wonderful and amazing. He loves us, He never leaves our side and He has only good plans for us. Yes, He is worthy of our praise.

Don't save your praises for a holiday, stop and praise Him today. Give thanks to the Lord, our God and King. Why? Because His love endures forever.

This year help your child celebrate Thanksgiving and learn to praise God with the new children's book, Give Thanks to the Lord. This book shows kids all the different things we can be thankful for, using Psalm 92. Give Thanks to the Lord is the perfect addition to your family library.

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  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...I think the reason is that Christmas has become so commercialized and many people get caught up in that so much that they forget the real meaning of Christmas. I find though that many people are only aware of being thankful during November and that saddens me. We are to be thankful in ALL circumstances ALL the time!!!


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