Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Teaching Them To Follow Jesus {Giveaway}

If you were to ask your child today what it means to follow Jesus, what would they say?

Would your child think it means going to church? Saying a prayer before eating dinner? Bedtime prayers? Not saying bad words? Listening to Klove?

Our children have different views on what it means to follow Jesus. As parents, it is our job to make sure they understand the truth. Please notice I said it is our job as parents. It is not the job of the Sunday School teacher, the Children's Pastor, or even the Christian School teacher. Those positions are to come along side and help you in teaching your kids about God. But the lead role lies in your hands alone.

We need to teach our children that to follow Jesus means to say the sinner's prayer giving Him our heart. Then to trust in Him, love Him, and live like Him.

How can we teach this to our kids? Be a living example.

The relationship your child has with Jesus is the most important one he will ever have. That relationship will guide all of his other relationships. Mom, Dad, are you ready to teach your child what it means to follow Jesus?

I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook will help your children learn about the most important relationship they can ever have. This Bible storybook will show your kids the characteristics of Jesus. This adorable storybook is the perfect addition to your family's Bible time. Read the Bible story and devotion and talk about following Jesus.

To enter to win a copy of I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.

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