Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Blessings

Life gets busy and through that busyness it's often hard to find time to connect with our spouse. Today at Woman to Woman, we are talking about how to connect through the busyness. To join us, click HERE.

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Continuing to count God's sweet blessings...

1995. My amazing mama who celebrates her birthday this week. I am so blessed to have the mom I have. She is not only my mom, but also my pastor and one of my very best friends.

1996. My mom, Mamaw, grandmother, aunts and other mother figures in my life. I have been greatly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing, Godly women.

1997. My four children who are the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day. I am so honored  and blessed to be their mom.

1998. Time spent with family.

1999. An evening of relaxing.

What are you praising God for? I love rejoicing with you. Please comment below.

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