Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Too often we spend time with God in the morning then close our Bible and walk away. We forget to think about God, pray, meditate on Scripture, or worship the rest of the day. Then, because we continue our day on our own, we begin to feel stressed, anxious or even cranky.

God doesn't just want our morning. He wants our whole day. He wants us. What we need to be doing is to continually go back to God's Word throughout the day. To read a Scripture verse here and there, to talk to God as we go about our day, to sing praises and to give thanks.

One thing that helps is to have a small devotional on hand. Debora M. Coty has a new devotional that is perfect for a quick encouragement. Too Blessed To Be Stressed is 365 days of devotions. Each day has a Scripture verse, short devotion and short prayer. You could do 1 each day while eating a meal, waiting for the shower water heat up, waiting on the coffee pot, while stirring dinner, while vacuuming, in line at the store, in the doctor's waiting room, right before bed, the list is endless. Debora touches on everyday topics like relationships, love, boundaries, hope, brokenness and more.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed is a great devotional to help you stay connected to God throughout the day. Pick up a copy here.

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