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What Type of Parent Should You Be?

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We’re wondering how many articles you’ve read where people are telling you what type
of parent you should be. It’s no secret that we live in a very judgy world at the minute,
and as the years go by, you soon realise that there’s pretty much nothing you can do or
say without being judged. Even if you’re doing something nice, people always wonder
what your agenda is behind it, or might assume that you’re just doing it to draw
attention to yourself. But when it comes to being a parent, we definitely know it to be
true that people are always curious as to what you’re doing. People always want to know
your business, and always have something to say about what you should be doing as a
family, and how you should be as a parent. But we’re here to tell you to ignore all of that,
and write your own rules. Everyone has their own style of parenting, and it either works,
or it doesn’t work. For those of you who always feel as though you’re fighting a bit of a
losing battle, then it might be time to consider whether you need to change your
parenting style. For those of you who feel like you’re smashing the life of being a parent,
then there still might be a few things you can tweak to ensure your children are getting
the best upbringing. As long as you always keep them in mind, and ensure you’re giving
them the best life possible, you’re already one step ahead of the game!

The Fun Parent

The fun parent is something we should all aspire to be, because at the end of the day,
everyone deserves to have a bit of fun. Do you not sort of feel like you’re expected to be
a bit of a robot when it comes to being a parent? Like a regimented soldier who is only
meant to be seen as a parent, and nothing more. Well, we think that’s the worst
parenting style to try and follow, because there’s so much more to it than that. The more
fun you are, and the more fun your kids see you as being, the more they’re going to be
able to engage with you. We feel as though when you make things fun as well, the days
are so much easier for you! You feel like you can let loose with your family, which is often
not actually felt by parents. Some feel that their only escape to have some fun is to have
time away from the family and go and be with friends. So, if you want to be that fun
parent that your kids love, you just need to relax a little. But if you were to do more fun
things with your kids, like interact with what they’re doing, life would become so less
stressful for you! If you check out this link, parentingpod.com/best-trampolines/ you
could find yourself trampolines that your kids would love, and there’s no one stopping
you from getting involved as well. Or, you could think about getting a VR set if you have
older children. You really will have endless amounts of fun with this! Try and let the
smaller things in life go, rather than feeling as though you’re stressing all of the time. If
the hoovering isn’t done, so what! If the dishes aren’t done until the morning, so what!!
It’s also really important that you get out and about with your kids and do something
different. Even if it’s just taking them to the park to have a little family sports day thing,
it’ll be the memories that they remember forever!

The Pushy Parent

This is one that you really have to be careful with, because if you find that you’re being
too pushy, you’ll soon regret it as they get older. If you want to keep that strong bond
with your child, you’re going to have to be pushy in all of the right ways. Not the breath
down their neck, ask them what they’re doing, and telling them to do things all of the
time pushy. We’re talking about encouraging them to be happy doing whatever it is that
makes them happy. You wouldn’t believe the amount of parents who push their children
towards doing things that they don’t even want to do, and all this is going to create is a
divide between you and your children. But if you push them towards the things that
they’ve always wanted to do, well you’re really onto a winner. Because when they think
about what you were like as a parent, they’ll know that you’re the most supportive
person to them. But you also have to be pushy in other areas as well. Push them to go
out and do fun things with their friends, push them to live an exciting well travelled life
as they get older, and just push them to make the most of everyday like it’s their last. You
want to try and raise children who have a carefree attitude, and who will one day look
back on life knowing they had the absolute best time, like hopefully you will too!

The Comforting Parents

Now this is something that we know a lot of parents are actually lacking, yet will like to
admit that they most definitely are not. Think about all of the times that you’ve missed
an opportunity to comfort your child, and have instead turned it against them! For
example, if your child was having problems at school that was affecting their education,
which many of them actually do, we’ve noticed parents go around this the totally wrong
way. Instead of focusing on the problem at hand and trying to deal with it, so many focus
on the information they’ve been given about the child failing in classes. So always look
out for signs that your child is struggling in life, and be that comfort that they’re so
desperately looking for. You wouldn’t believe how many children are now self harming,
or even going as far as to think about suicide, purely because they’re being bullied at
school or even at home. The thought of that alone should be enough for you to leap into
action, and find out what it means to be that comforting parent. Whether it be taking
them out to do something fun that will get their mind off it, or just simply being there for
them to talk to you. As long as you don’t turn every situation that they come to you for
against them, they’ll always be able to approach you with whatever it is they’re going

The Bad Cop Parent

This is one that you’re either really good at playing, or you’re so bad that your kids
literally walk all over you. This one really is a hard one to master, especially when you’re
trying to get the balance of good cop, bad cop, right! Well, we think that to get it right,
you have to incorporate everything we’ve spoke about so far and make it into your own
style of bad cop. Because as long as you’re being the good cop more than you are the
bad, you’re onto a winner. You should only ever be the bad cop when something
seriously is going wrong. Perhaps you’re finding out they’re getting in trouble at school
for misbehaving, or not doing anything to help around the home, or lying to you about
what you’re doing. Those are the times when you should really think about being the
bad cop. But until then, you should focus on the good methods of parenting that you
might not have been doing.

The Super Interested Parent

This is completely different to the pushy parent side of things that we’ve already spoke
about. The pushy parent is one that’s going to encourage their children to do the right
thing in life, and do whatever is going to make them happy. The super interested parent,
is actually taking an interest in whatever it is that they’re doing. From the toddler years
and trying to get involved with play, to the young child years where they’re racing round
on a bike with their stabilisers, to the teenager who can’t seem to pull themselves away
from their gaming console. The more you take an interest in their life, and try and
actually enjoy what’s that they enjoy, your bond will be so much stronger. It’s the
parents who turn their nose up at whatever it is that their children are doing, that really
do struggle the most with family life. Just make sure you’re obviously not too
overbearing and getting involved with everything they do. Just take a simple interest in
the things that they enjoy, and find ways to connect with them over it!

So, we think that rather than pinpointing what parent you should be, you should try and
incorporate everything into what you’re doing at the minute. Be a little bit of every
parenting style that we’ve listed, and you really will be a top parent!

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