Friday, October 14, 2011

A Beautiful Challenge

Yesterday I received a message from one of my bloggy friends, Melissa from Beautiful Mommy Feet.  She told me about a comment someone left on her blog that really challenged her.  In turn, she is challenging others to step up and join in.

I checked it out.  I was convicted.  I was challenged.

Sometimes we get so frustrated or bored over doing the same tasks over and over.  I mean, seriously, does the laundry pile ever end!?  We get tired of hearing the same story over and over.  Doesn't this child remember she told me this same thing just an hour ago!?  Or we get tired of putting up with the rude neighbor.  Why can't he leave us alone!?

Are we not loving with the love of Christ?

I have shared before that I struggled with yelling and that God delivered me but that mean mom still tends to come out on occasion.  My family deserves the best me I can be.  They do not deserve to be treated poorly just because I didn't sleep well last night.  My husband doesn't deserve to be bombarded with problems just because the kids acted up today.  My family deserves better.  And this is not just about yelling.  So even if you are the very calm laid back mom who does not raise her voice, you can still join us.

Are we not loving with the love of Christ?

I imagine those little children Jesus called to sit with Him (Matthew 19) probably told Him stories over and over or tapped Him repeatedly on the arm.  And I really think Jesus loved it!  He probably couldn't get enough of it.

I want to love with that love.  I want to serve with that heart.  I want to be like Christ.

Here is Melissa's challenge:

I want to Love. I want to be patient no matter what side of the bed I wake up on. I want to speak grace towards my husband at all times, even when he's calling while the house is on fire (fig.) I want to have grace in my tone.

I want to be grateful in plenty and in want. I want to go out of my way to romance my husband, not settling for the convenient.

I want to go out of my way to stop and listen to my son as he tells me how he slayed the dragon or had his monkey climb a tree for the thousandth time that day. I want to be thankful and mindful that he really wants to talk to me and I need to have him know his words are precious to me.

I want to speak grace with my daughter. I want to show her how to love by loving her, how to treat others with kindness by displaying kindness towards her, at all times. Not giving into my temper.

I want to show my children how to be patient by being patient with them. I want to teach them how to be grateful by being grateful. I want to teach them that Joy is something you work on. I want to teach the bible to them everyday.

She also quotes:

"I want to love better, without selfish ambition or vain conceit. To serve, to give, to unload and load the dishwasher a thousand times in a row. To empty the garbage at 9:38pm without a negative thought. To get up to lock the doors or turn down the thermostat. To sweep and dust and as I work, allow myself to be renewed and refined and put back into my rightful place – below the ones I love. I want to love like Christ." -Heather Boersma

I so love this challenge.  I want this.  I want to show the love of Christ to my family as well as others.  Are you with us?  Will you step up and be the love of Christ?  Lisa Bevere says, "God is not looking for people to act like Christians.  He wants people to be Christians (Christ-like)."

This challenge has already presented itself to be a, well, challenge to me.  But I am willing to press on.  When things start to wrong, when the kids are asking you for a drink for the tenth time in the last five minutes, when your spouse is tired and a little cranky, when the neighbor is being rude, can you step up and show the love of Christ?

Sweet Blessings~

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  1. I've joined in the challenge as well! Today's the test run! It is already posing...a challenge!

  2. I want to join in. This is exactly what I am endeavoring to do, thanks for the extra incentive with a challenge.
    Have a beautiful day, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I have to tell you, when I read her post yesterday I thought oh great just another challenge I'm going to fail. BUT I'm going to join in. I WANT to show grace to my family. I'm totally in :)

  4. Hi Jenifer - I've also taken up the challenge as I also want to be an asset, not a burden or negative to my under pressure and stressed husband. So, I'm spending the weekend mulling over this one and joining you guys in this. We will succeed with God's help.
    God bless, have an awesome weekend

  5. Heather's words, from Melissa's post, really hit me yesterday. How many times do I grumble about having to be the one to load the dishwasher, empty the trash, or make sure the doors are locked? Sometimes I want/expect my family to serve me. But God has called me to serve them and I want to do it with God's loving flowing in and through me. Such a great challenge!

  6. This is a great challenge... I want to love like that. It's so easy for me to show that kind of love to those who live outside of this home... harder to show it to the ones I'm closest to... especially my husband. I want to love them like I'm loving Christ himself... they not only deserve it, but it's how I honor the gifts that God gave me! Thanks for passing on the challenge Jenifer :)

  7. This is wonderful! Thank you for this challenge today...I needed to be reminded of this because these kids are crazy!!:)

  8. I am totally printing this one out. I *need* to live up to this challenge. And yelling is definitely a struggle for me. I would love to know some of the things you did to gain victory in this area.


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