Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Living in the Moment

I glance at the clock. Bedtime is nearing. I tell them, "Thirty more minutes guys." I continue pecking away at the keys on my laptop. Another look at the clock. "Twenty more minutes kids." I hear their laughter. Those deep belly laughs and I smile. "Ten minutes left." The video game competition with Daddy get intense. More giggles. "Five more minutes." I get excited. Soon my little chicks will be tucked safely in to bed. My husband will relax. And I get a few moments of quiet before bed. "Three more minutes." A roaring laughter is raised and I look up with a start.

Why I am rushing them? Why am I counting down the minutes till bedtime? They are making precious memories with Daddy. There is laughter and bonding. Yet all I think about is that time when the house is quiet and still. Tears sting the back of my eyes.  I shut the computer down and just sit there, watching them, soaking them in.

God gave me this moment. This gift. He caused me to look closely at my family. To cherish them.

Sleep is important, but so are memories. So is quality time.

It's okay if we stretch bedtime out a little longer tonight to play games together. It's okay if we leave the dishes in the sink for a bit to have a tickle fight. It's okay if we opt for a trip to the park instead of vacuuming the carpet. It's okay if we play catch instead of stress over a deadline.

Be content where God has you right now. Take a peek at your loved ones and cherish them. Praise God for them, for this moment. Laugh with them.

Are you ready to live in this moment God has placed you in?

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  1. Thanks for painting such a sweet mental image of your children having such a delightful time with their dad!

    You may as well have been peeking into my past when our girls were little! I was the timekeeper, and my husband was the "fun" one. I often forgot to live in the moment. However, I am soon to be a grandmother, and will be able to cherish those moments again, and will be able to provide an older and wiser perspective to my daughter. :-)

    1. Kim, congrats on your grand-blessing! I am sure there will be many precious moments you cherish. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jenifer,
    Sometimes we get into such a routine we forget routines are made to be broken. I am so happy that you cherished that moment. When our 6 grandchildren arrive we don't work at static bedtimes - but we do try to get them in bed to get enough sleep or the crankiness isn't worth it.
    I am following you from Hear it On Sunday.
    Janis www.janiscox.com

    1. Janis,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Our sleep is so important but memories are more so, aren't they? ☺ God bless you!


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