Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jesus and Me

I love reading with my kids. I have been reading to them since I was pregnant with my first. Though all four of my children can read on their own now, and my two girls almost always have their nose in a book, we still read together often.

What better stories can we read together than Bible stories?

The Jesus and Me Bible Storybook is not only a great book to read with the kids, it is a wonderful devotional as well. Each story gives Scripture verses, a short devotional then relates each story to Jesus and me.

Whether you are looking for a story book for your children or a devotional, Jesus and Me Bible Storybook is the perfect choice.

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  1. My son is grown now and we have two beautiful grandchildren. We always taught our son to do what he knew in his heart was right and Jesus would be there to see him through. Thankfully, he believes and is raising his children the same way. God is good.


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