Tuesday, June 26, 2018


In this fabulous world of technology, I am still a die-hard paper girl. I must have a physical Bible, I much prefer a physical book, and I cannot go without a paper planner. One of my absolute favorite planners is the Agenda Planner by Dayspring.

This Agenda Planner is perfect to keep me organized and on task, and the fact that it is beautiful makes it a joy to carry it around.

Dayspring offers five different Agenda Planners, that's five different covers and color schemes. Yet the idea of the planners are the same. The planners are 18-months, starting in July 2018 and go through December 2019. You get an overview of 2018, 2019, and 2020, a monthly format, and a weekly format. The monthly format is great for looking as a whole at your month and makes it easy to plan. Then the weekly format is perfect for your everyday, detailed planning. I put things in the monthly view, yet in my weekly view I put it in great detail so I don't miss anything.


Each planner has splashes of Scripture throughout which are beautiful encouragement as we go through those hectic days and need that reminder. The planners also have three sheets of stickers to add pop to your days, and a pocket that is great for holding receipts and other important documents.

These Agenda Planners are 7"W x 9"H x 7/8"D which make them easy to carry or easy to fit into your purse or bag.

The Agenda Planner is one of my favorite planners. As a wife, mom, homemaker, homeschool teacher, pastor's wife, children's pastor, women's ministry leader, and blogger, I need a good planner to keep me organized. This planner does just that.

Order your Agenda Planner and get your family organized and on task. Just click HERE to order.

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